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Is your child ready for kindergarten? Following is a checklist of skills that help incoming kindergartners make the most of our time together: Name - writes his/her first name Alphabet - able to identify and match most upper and lower case letters Numbers - knows numbers through 10 Motor Skills - can zip a coat, put caps back on markers, and use scissors Group Dynamics - participates in group activities, takes direction from adults Our kindergarten teacher offers the following suggestions for parents to help children do well in kindergarten: 1. Read to your child daily. Discuss the story and characters. 2. Focus on the alphabet one-letter-at-a-time. Go on an outing and find everything you can that begins with that letter. 3. Find math in everyday things. Count silverware as it gets put away, measure ingredients as you make cookies, add up the number of dishes on the table, etc. 4. Encourage your child to play in the mud, dance in the rain, play on a playground, paint, color, and cut! 5. Treasure together time. Limit screen time, and instead play games, explore your neighborhood, eat dinner as a family, and just talk. The best way to see if Barnesville is the right fit for your child is to visit. Call for a private tour 301-972-0341 ext 237. READY

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