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Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences e more things change the more they remain the same. at is the phrase that stuck with me as I sat to write this letter. Some of these changes are bit- tersweet while others bring promise of new horizons and adventures. First and foremost among this change is the departure of our current Head of School. While we are sorry to see John and his family leave, we are confident the skills he showed at Barnesville will become most evident at his next post as Head of Emerson School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. e entire Barnesville community wishes the Huber family nothing but the best, and we look for- ward to hearing all about their triumphs in the coming years. Many of the changes around the School bring the promise of new adventures and expanded horizons—a renewed focus on Arts and Sciences; facilities improvements that include an expanded and improved library, media center and lunch room; a beautiful amphitheater; expanded math, science and iPad programs; just to name a few. Improvements undertaken in order to fulfill our strategic vision and advance our mission of Joy, Support and Excellence. As to how things remain the same, all of these changes come as a result of our generous benefactors. Even more to that theme, 100% of our faculty and staff participated in the Barnesville School Fund for the fourteenth year in a row. Year after year our faculty and staff lead the way with their generosity. It is never lost on me that the people who spend the majority of their time at Barnesville and contribute so much of themselves to our children donate so generously to our mission. Another constant at Barnesville is the support that comes from the entire community. Whether working in the library, contributing to the BPC, vol- unteering as a room parent or donating to the Gala, your contributions mat- ter! Our success is a collaborative effort and we depend on everyone's efforts. Barnesville is the place it is because of the people you are. As you read through this report and see the many successes we have had as an institution, you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are the result of your efforts and generosity. Please accept my and the entire Board of Trustees' sincere gratitude for your support. Sincerely, Jeff Donohoe Board Chair Letter from the Chair of the Board of Trustees Barnesville School 2013–2014 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Jeff Donohoe Chair Lynne Rasmussen Vice-Chair Julie Klingenstein Second Vice-Chair Jan Hyland Secretary Kevin Kelliher Treasurer Brett Don At-Large Member John Huber Head of School Board Members Cheryl Amick Lynn Brown Pamela Chu Brian Hundertmark Catherine Ronan Karrels Kathy Noble Ruth McLenaghan Nicole Ostrander Stephen Pappas, Jr. Navada Pleasants Joseph C. Tilley Kristen Waksberg Dawn Walton Alexander Zukiwski Emeritus Board Members Bazy Tankersley, Founder (d) Jaralyn Hough (d) George Kephart (d) Anne Pearce Lehman Eleanor Mackintosh Anne Tankersley Sturm e Barnesville School seeks diversity in all catagories of employment and enrollment. Individuals are treated without discrimina- tion based on age, color, creed, nationality, physical disability, race, sex, sexual orienta- tion, or on the basis of any other character- istics protected by federal, state, or local law. 1

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