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Our classroom is our world, and the world is our classroom. We have storytime in the library and in the woods. We make pies in our mud kitchen and grow plants from seeds. We visit farms and nature centers, and then make and care for bird feeders on campus. IMAGINE MISSION: We are dedicated to providing a joyful and supportive learning environment for the development of excellence in each of us. It starts with joy. When children make the transition from play-based preschool to more formalized instruction in kindergarten, play is still a critically important part of their day. Barnesville provides kindergartners ample time and space to move, explore, and play, inside and outside the classroom. Some children jump into academics with ease, while others need the extra time and attention that experienced teachers and small classes can provide. Children also start kindergarten with different levels of physical, social, and emotional maturity. Kindness and cooperation are both daily expectations and year-long goals in Barnesville's kindergarten classroom community. During the year, students learn to negotiate, cooperate, compromise, and empathize. JOY. SUPPORT. EXCELLENCE. Barnesville's kindergarten program nurtures each child's natural curiosity, tapping into the power of imagination to foster a love of learning. Recess Rules! Kindergar ten has recess and outdoor center-time three times each day. We go outside as often as possible, including playing in the snow. We've also been known to build snow volcanoes!

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